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  1. Are Polus Books for a specific age group?

Our books are primarily for toddlers and preschoolers. Our stories help children develop their imagination and discover the world around them through age appropriate stories. We are also confident that our stories will interest parents and most adults. Please refer to the age group mentioned in the product disclaimer.


2. What OS is required to read Polus Books?

Polus Books can be installed on iOS and Android. If any other OS becomes available, we will inform you about the update on our website or on Facebook.


3. Are Polus Books available for mobile phones and tablets?

Polus Books were developed specifically for tablets and they can be read more conveniently using a tablet. The books are also available for mobile phones, however we do not guarantee that the display on your phone will work as effectively as it does on a tablet.

4. Do I need any specific software application to read these books?

Polus Books doesn’t need any other software to run, just the correct operating system (OS).


5. How often are new books available?

We do not currently have a specific schedule for new book releases. We put great passion into developing and illustrating books. As a result, we do not know exactly when each book will be ready. We welcome feedback and try to publish stories as often as possible. Please do not forget to signup on Facebook, for the Polus Books newsletter. Do write us about your dreams and ideas! We will be happy to develop them into illustrated interactive fairy tales!

6. How will I know when new books become available?

Join us on Facebook! Read and ask questions and you will always know when new books become available. Also visit our website and signup to keep up to date with our news.

7. Will Polus Books notify me if any book of my interest is available?

Polus Books does not currently have this feature. However, we will allow you to subscribe and be notified when new books are published.

8. Can I pre-order a book?

No, you can only purchase books that are on sale through the online stores. We will soon develop and provide a structure to pre-order.


9. Does Polus Books provides a “books-on-demand” service?

No, we do not provide this service.

10. How and where can I download books?

You can download our books in the AppStore, GooglePlay.

11. What payment methods are allowed?

Payment methods are submitted online and may vary by store. Usually, all major credit cards are accepted and payments via PayPal and other online payment services.

12. Is there any instance where the payment can be refunded?

You have the opportunity to download and try a story for free.

Polus Books LLC is not responsible for honoring or issuing refunds. Because the digital books and all assets are distributed through the App Store and Google Play, those seeking a refund must initiate the process through these marketplaces.

Once refund request has been submitted, refunds will be honored at our discretion and in agreement with iTunes Store, Mac App Store, and Google Play Terms and Conditions.

13. How can I buy the books in a specific country?

You can buy our books regardless of where you are located, all you need is Internet access and the ability to access one of the online stores.

14. Does Polus Books provide a backup service if my downloads get corrupted?

Polus Books doesn’t provide a backup service. However, backup services may be offered by the online store where you purchase our books.

15. Do I get a discount or do you honor bulk orders?


Yes, discounts are provided when an order of multiple stories is placed at once. However, if you purchase one story at the time, no discount is available. i.e.: An order of three stories will be cheaper than a purchase of three stories placed one at the time, multiple times. There are typically four (4) stories in each book. One of them is free.

Buy Orders

A discount is also offered to schools, non-profit organizations, institutions and any bulk order for educational purposes.

16. In what languages are the books available?

We publish books initially in two (2) languages: English and Russian. We will have them available in other languages as soon as possible. The timing depends on the availability of resources in the targeted languages.


17. Can I download a sample of your books?

One story in a given book is free to try.