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Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves,
and it is tiresome for children to be always
and forever explaining things to them

(A.S.-Exupery. “The little prince”)

You are a grown-up but you still love fairy tales. Why is that?
Because every fairy tale always has a happy ending! That’s the reason we choose fairy tales, as it’s hard to come by true disappointment in them. While looking into the screen or reading a book of fairy tales allows us to become filled with positive ideas.


So, are you the searching for adventure and always seeking a thrill? Then you are certainly an admirer of adventure fairy tales and films. Reading the text carefully about sea adventures, pirates’ tricks and treasure hunting, you associate yourself with the main characters. But unlike you, main characters don’t have time to do redundant tasks. They are always at the center of big events leaving no time for day-to-day activities, going shopping for bread or boring meetings in their life.

Adventures are loved by those who ignore their real wishes for multiple reasons. These people lack spice in their lives and need to experience excitement as if it is air and needed in order to survive.


Do you continue to believe in pure love and adore fairy tales about love? If so, it is most likely because you lack romance in your life. Because of fairy tales and films featuring princes on white horses who find their princesses and rescue them from high towers, women continue to believe that this kind of pure love exists. Every woman can find her love in fairy tales!

Do you believe in friendship? Will you ever admit betrayal? Do you want to be a noble rescuer? Surely you do read the stories about friendship and heroism because there is no place for betrayal in them.


“All for one and one for all!” is the quote for the perfect company of friends from your point of view. People feel relief when they associate themselves with fairy tale’s knights and princesses who rescue each other and show their best noble features of their character. We always want to get the things that aren’t usually around us. That is why we dive into fairy tales. Some may call it delusion, but we know that because of fairy tales we never stop believing in miracles.

Psychologist Valentina Shapovalova