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Then Snow White has eventually woke up, spit out the apple, gotten a job, a health care package & a baby from her local neighborhood sperm bank.

(movie “Sex and the City”)

– Who in this land is the fairest of all?

Get ready to know the “truthful” answer if you are not a pretty girl with a white face, black hair and coral red lips from the fairy tale “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” by The Grimm Brothers.

Let’s remind you of the original plot in this story.
The queen gave birth to a daughter. “She was very pretty, with blue eyes and long black hair. Her skin was delicate and fair, and so she was called Snow White.”

 The Queen died and the father got married to a very beautiful but wicked woman who was always asking the magic mirror ‘Who is the loveliest lady in the land?’ The reply was always positive until Snow White grew up.

Calling one of her trusty servants, the wicked woman bribed him with a rich reward to take Snow White into the forest and kill her. To provide proof of her death, he was to bring the girl’s lungs and liver back. The man felt pity for Snow White and didn’t kill her, he deceived the woman by giving her the lungs and liver of a deer. Snow White found a small house in the forest where dwarf miners lived and stayed with them in exchange for doing household activities and chores.


Soon the lies were discovered and the stepmother tried to kill the Snow White again, but the dwarfs rescued her. Once the mad queen changed into a peasant and made Snow White bite off a piece of a poisoned apple. When the dwarfs found Snow White dead they made a crystal coffin in order to be able to admire Snow White as she was still as rosy and beautiful as before.

The Prince was passing by at this time and fell in love with her and took the coffin with him. On the way back while carrying the coffin the servants stumbled and the poisoned piece of apple fell out from the girl’s throat.

At the magnificent wedding day of Snow White and the Prince, the stepmother was dancing in very hot shoes until she fell down and dropped dead on the floor.


““But the Prince’s kiss made Snow White come back alive, didn’t it?” you will ask.

Just like all folk stories the fairy tale Snow White has several versions. In the Grimm’s version Snow White gets to know the Prince after she wakes up. In the animation by Wolt Disney[1], the kiss is present. It is curious that in the original plot the villain was not the stepmother, but the mother. It is considered that this moment was changed by the brothers in order to make the tale less cruel.

[1] In order to film “Snow White and 7 dwarfs” Wolt Disney mortgaged the house. Few people believed in success of this animation but in 1937 “Snow White” became one of the most successful animated movies in history.

The Russian author who wrote “The Tale of the Dead Princess and Seven Knights” named A.S.Pushkin almost copied the plot, but instead of Snow White he used The Princess, and instead of Dwarfs he used Knights. “Dinner time. The yard resounded, horses stamped and men dismounted, thick-moustached and ruddy-skinned, Seven lusty Knights walked in.”


A Scottish fairy tale with a similar ending is called “Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree”. Snow White is known as Gold-Tree and the stepmother is called Silver-Tree. Instead of the mirror there is a mirror-like surface of the stream. “Troutie, bonny little fellow, am not I the most beautiful queen in the world?”
In this version the Queen asks the King to take the daughter’s heart, but the King saves his daughter. He marries her to the prince in a distant place and brings the goat’s heart instead of hers. After a year the mad stepmother gets to know from a trout-truthteller that her stepdaughter is alive. She gets in a boat and goes the daughter to invite her with “good” intentions.

Gold-Tree sees the boat approaching and feels something bad about to happen, so she hides in a larder. But the cunning stepmother finds her, asks her to pass her little finger through a keyhole, and stings her with a poisoned needle. In this version the prince decides “to put her on a bed covered with silk in order to come to her from time to time and to admire her freshness and beauty.”


The prince gets married again and his wife is a person who cures the sick. She notices the needle in the Gold-Tree’s little finger and pulls it out. The envious Queen decides to kill Gold-Tree, but thanks to the second princess the stepmother drinks the poisoned vine by herself by mistake.

The end of the tale goes as follows: “The princess Gold-Tree lives in happiness and peace with her husband and his lady friend till the end of their days.” To all appearances, they three of them lived together.


As we see the details change the main idea about rivalry and a woman’s envy remains the same. What is there to learn in this situation? Dear ladies, love yourselves and stop comparing yourself with anyone else! Because to love means to not compare!

Valentina Shapovalova