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 Many parents wonder how they should be choosing fairy tales that are appropriate for their children’s age.
First of all, parents must admit that it depends more on the child’s level of development rather than their age. It’s not a secret that we all develop in our own, individual ways; some mature more quickly, some are delayed, and this should be taken into consideration when choosing a story. It is also important to remember that if your three-year-old is not interesting in a story entitled “The Magic Pot of Porridge”, you need to select a more complex story with a plot they find engaging and interesting.

 When choosing fairy tales to read to your child you should take their character and temperament into consideration. If you have an active kid, it’s better to choose calm, quiet tales. If your child is more vulnerable and sentimental, it’s better to avoid sad stories as this can upset them unnecessarily.

For babies under the age of one, the sentiment of a fairy tale is not as important as the way parents read it. You should utilize your best acting techniques and work on your vocal intonation to interact positively with the baby. For children two to four years of age, fairy tales about animals are appropriate as children in this age group will identify more clearly with the characters and take life lessons away from each story. For older kids, fairy tales about people’s relationships, trials and tribulations, and adventures are more suitable as they can better process interpersonal situations.


From 0 to 3 years old

Fairy tales for children under the age of two to three years old should be very short. Their goal is to focus on only one event and have much repetition and rhyme. They should be read to a child in an engaging way. The most suitable fairy tales for this age group are stories about animals with an easy-to-understand plot and exceptional illustrations.

3-5 years old

For this age group fairy tales with complex plots are more suitable. The story should be kind and should avoid highlighting a characters’ suffering. During this period a child is forming their attitude toward books, which is why the parent’s aim should be to make the little one interested by reading the story in an expressive way.




5-6 years old

Your kid is a preschooler now and understands a lot more than before, which means that it’s possible to venture into more complex fairy tales that contain and teach specific moral lessons. It is now possible to have a discussion with your child after reading, and analyze what they took away from the story or understood from it. You can answer any questions they may have, too.


6-8 years old

At this age kids are attending school and feel that it is time to mature. Parents observe their children needing a sense of independence. Psychologists advise that you read kids fairy tales possessing characters that successfully cope with the trials they face.

8-12 years old

Junior high and middle school aged kids are already able to analyze fairy tales by themselves. Stories for these children should have characters that are around their developmental stage and age as well. It’s the age of comparison, which is why kids will sometimes “try” the things that the main character experiences or goes through as well.


12- 15 years old

At this age do you think that children don’t need fairy tales anymore? You are mistaken! Teens need fairy tales as much as kids do. The only thing is that fairy tales for this age group are now called fiction novels.

15- 90 years old

Reading fairy tales is a great thing to do at any age so we never stop believing in the good!

We hope you do not forget that you were a kid once, too!

Psychologist Valentina Shapovalova.