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– Who in this land is the fairest of all?

Get ready to know the “truthful” answer if you are not a pretty girl with a white face, black hair and coral red lips from the fairy tale “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” by The Grimm Brothers.

We all agree that when reading tales there is the idea that it is possible to observe many nationalities in them and their characters. Since they are folk tales the stories are also passed on from generation to generation.

The plot of “The Red Cap” is so popular that there are many versions of this tale now.

Stories about mad stepmothers, hard-working stepdaughters, a lost shoe at the ball and a wedding with a prince exist in some way in every nation.

You are a grown-up but you still love fairy tales. Why is that

Is your kid is asking you to read the ending of the same spooky tale over and over? Are they showing fear in their eyes, trembling, and pressing against your knees but asking to read more?

What does it mean? Why do kids like “spooky tales” so much? Is it a normal?

Many parents wonder how they should be choosing fairy tales that are appropriate for their children’s age. First of all, parents must admit that it depends more on the child’s level of development rather than their age.

As soon as your child was born, you probably started to think about their development, how you’d envision their upbringing, and the ways to make their life as fulfilling as possible.